Python Developer

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SharpGrid is a data company focused on the massive on-trade / HoReCa industry. Our goal is to identify and accurately describe every on-trade outlet (e. g. bars, restaurants) in the world with indicators like business potential, customer engagement, cuisine etc. and to measure the market share and pricing of different products, brands and companies. We are providing our clients such as Coca-Cola, Asahi, Molson Coors or Unilever with data to manage their commercial teams, go to market strategy, marketing campaigns and ultimately grow their sales.

We currently operate in Italy, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia and we are expanding across Europe. Our aim is to disrupt the status quo and become a global authority in on-trade market research, which we believe is totally underserved with good quality data today. 

As our Python Developer you will be working on python based services and job workflows: specialized web crawlers, job workflows realized on spark data processors, dedicated internal service providers. You will also help to improve the CI/CD pipeline and will manage our shared python libraries.

What will your role entail?

  • Design and develop python services deployed in the Kubernetes cluster.
  • Develop and manage python spark jobs for parallel data processing.
  • Develop Airflow DAGs in Python to orchestrate tasks.
  • Implement specialized services for processing data from various formatted and unformatted sources (API, web pages, databases, JSON, XML, plain text, etc).
  • Improve and manage CI/CD pipeline for python based services.
  • Use cloud services in GCP and Azure.
  • Work with other SharpGrid colleagues (data analysts, data scientists, or business people) on improving our platform based products.
  • You will be a part of the overall design process.

What do we expect from you:

  • Have at least 1 year of experience with commercial software development or study computer science (some Python experience is expected). I.e.: You know data structures and know how to use design patterns correctly; You know how to write testable code.
  • Be able to work with databases in SQL language.
  • Knowledge of IT complexity: operation system and resource management, network communication TCP/IP.


  • Experience with analysis and technical project management.
  • Knowledge of programming in C#.
  • Experience with CI / CD, Docker containers and agile development might be useful as well.

The technologies we use:

  • Python, .NET Core, .NET 6 (C#)
  • MS SQL, Postgres, MongoDB, Parquet
  • Microsoft Azure, GCP, Spark, Airflow
  • Azure DevOps (issue tracking, code repositories, CI/CD, sprint management)
  • Git
  • K8s, Docker

We work in two-week sprints with daily standups, reviews, and retrospectives. We always share new knowledge and skills with each other. And we try to keep track of the rapidly evolving world of technologies as much as possible. We hope you will enjoy it too! 

We offer:

  • An opportunity to work in an ambitious, dynamically growing company, headquartered in Prague that has begun a phase of rapid international expansion.
  • A chance to truly disrupt an existing market research & insight industry worldwide.
  • Working in an experienced and proficient team that blends people of different backgrounds, expertise, age, and interests and includes true experts in their fields.
  • An open and friendly company culture based on mutual trust.
  • Beautiful, spacious, and very well equipped offices in the modern building of Praga Studios in Karlín (bike room, showers, roof terrace, Mocamaster with excellent coffee beans).
  • Support for professional and personal development (Azure and GCP certifications, business account at UDEMY, access to DataCamp, internal knowledge sharing, company workshops, and much more).
  • Team building and sports events.
  • A telehealth service uLékař for you and your family.
  • 5 weeks of vacation.

Drop us an email with your CV at, or send us your LinkedIn profile, and let’s talk!

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