Live demo: CZ ON–Trade market outlet map

SharpGrid provides customers with high-quality data to fuel their sales go-to-market strategy and operations. While the data itself is useful, it is crucial that everyone can access it in the easy-to-read and easy-to-interpret way. We help customers integrate the data into their systems of use or provide them with ready-made solutions. For this very purpose, we partner with CleverMaps to plot and visualize the data on the interactive map with a wealth of detail. 

In the two examples below you can experience the Czech market data about on-trade outlets in the granular or aggregated form visualized by CleverMaps.

Detailed map of outlets

Check out this map to see all outlets (colored by their category) and outlet level detail (click on any outlet) in Karlin - one of the most hip parts of Prague. The level of detail, categories of outlets or segmentation possibilities are entirely configurable.

Note: Please use your computer for the best experience of working with the map

Aggregated view on the complete market

To see the total addressable market in a specific region, segment or their combination, it is useful to see the aggregated data. This is great if you are keen to understand the lay of the land and pockets of opportunities - once you find them, you can go into the detail and identify specific targets as seen on the map above. On the map below, you can take a look at the Liberec district and switch between the view of the whole region (kraj) or its subregions (okresy). By clicking on any region you will see the detailed breakdown of outlets by their category on the right hand side. This is once again fully configurable, so you would be able to see your specific sales regions or any other type of segmentation you need.