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November 27, 2023


This is how you win the food and beverage game (with real-world examples)

Martin Müller

Content Lead

If you’re a food and beverage producer or distributor, this is the only piece of information you need to read today. 

We know exactly how tough it is to succeed in this business. So many markets, even more outlets and so little data you can trust. You know why? Because we’re in the food & beverage industry with you. But we’re about to change it.

Chaos of the food and beverage industry

Let’s face it, the food and beverage industry is a mess. You’re probably using some sort of CRM or similar system to track your market and capture the sudden changes or trends, but it’s never enough. Outlets emerge and close down, they change brands and concepts, they’re constantly under pressure from your competitors.

And while that’s happening, you’re trying to figure out the best strategies for commercial activities, distribution, marketing and so on. Relying on often outdated and incomplete data your team was able to bring home from the field. 

Or even worse, with the help of some data provider that is tracking the market with the prehistoric tool of quarterly questionnaires and some decades-old sociological method behind that. 

Not the greatest setup, right? 

Rock the food and beverage industry with data

Whether you’re a top player or incumbent, there is a way to beat the competition and steal the first place. Right now, there’s a massive revolution going on in the food and beverage market. It’s once in a lifetime opportunity to change the status quo or keep it - depending on what side you’re on.

The magic is in the digital data. Millions and millions of data points collected from the market to capture its essence, trends and changes. 

  • Want to know where your customers are?
  • How can you win them over from your competitors?
  • How strong position they have on the market?
  • Or how do they fit your product portfolio

What if we told you that it’s possible? Today, you can actually see the whole market down to its last detail in a few clicks. We’re talking things like:

  • The total food and beverage customer universe
  • The market structure by segments, regions and brands
  • Outlet profiles filled with data like business potential, brands etc.
  • Brand insights like market share or competitors’ pricing
  • Chains or connected outlets and their relationships

All neatly packed in an easy-to-use interface accessible by anyone, whether it’s a tech-savvy millennial or a more traditional-leaning sales representative. 

FREE DATA: Try Outlet Census Live for free today

How to find the best food and beverage outlets?

Let’s say you’re looking for a specific type of food and beverage outlet to sell your products to. You need to create a lead list. And not just a simple one. You want it tailored exactly to your needs.

Maybe you want to find all the bars in the Bayern and Sachsen regions of Germany that serve both beer and meals (you don’t want those fancy cocktail bars, those are suited for different kinds of producers), offer outside seating and are growing rapidly instead of stagnating. 

READ MORE: How to find which outlets are growing? 

And maybe you decide that you’re really picky today and want to select just those that serve Heineken and Radeberger because those are your competitors and you want to drive them out. 

Well, with Outlet Census Live you can do exactly that in a few clicks. See?

Outlet Census Live allows you to find almost anything that exists in your food and beverage market. Whether you want to create a massive lead list with thousands of targets for a huge commercial team or just a very narrow selection of potential customers, it’s all there. 

With us, you will have access to the whole food and beverage customer universe (and the brand universe too) in more than 25 European countries. Outlets, chains, insights for every brand on the market and other data for your commercial team, data specialists, managers and field reps alike. 

If you want to learn more, read how we helped Danone Italy find medium-sized coffee chains or boosted Heineken’s sales. Or better yet, try Outlet Census Live for free now. No strings attached. 

Access the Outlet Census Live now

Food and beverage data save time and reduce hassle

With such a massive data treasure at your disposal, you can not only target and acquire the best outlets from the food and beverage customer universe but also increase your effectiveness in the channel by reducing overspending

Did you know that by our estimates, you might be losing about 2 million Euros (approximately 1,75 million GBP or 2,2 million USD) every year just because you’re not as effective as you could be? Think of all the saved money. We’re sure you could find a better way to use them.

But that’s not all. Your data team might surely use a self-sustaining data centre that is easy to operate, gets updated every quarter (we’re currently working towards monthly updates) and can be incorporated into your CRM with ease.

No more manual updates, data handling and unnecessary hassle. SharpGrid tools for the food and beverage market are all automated. Because that’s what we’re all about. Our aim is to cut out the obsolete tasks so your team can focus on more valuable work and really utilize their time and skills.

Why should you believe all of this?

We know this might all sound like a bunch of advertising trying to sell you something that you can’t really trust. So we’ll let our clients do the talking. We’re currently serving around 50 food and beverage companies in Europe - both global players and local incumbents. 

Think brands like Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Unilever, Heineken, Molson Coors, Metro, Asahi, Barilla, Oatly and more.

This is what they said about us: 

“It completely changes and shortens the sales process and saves us months of sales reps time.” (Heineken)
“Now we have what we need to build a strong strategy. And it was easy since the Outlet Census Live is very user-friendly.” (Danone)
“Before, the sales reps were discouraged by low success rates and slow results. With SharpGrid data in their hands their success rates started to go up and they became motivated.” (Unilever)

Just try it. It’s free

If you’re still not convinced but want to give it a shot anyway, you can access the Outlet Census Live completely for free for 3 days now. No registration required, no hidden charges, no dirty tricks. 

Just follow the link below, give it a go and see for yourself. 

Access the Outlet Census Live now

The food and beverage is a tough game to beat. So let us give you a cheat code and ride with you to the top. We’re only happy if our customers are happy. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in this difficult, but beautiful business.


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