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Automate and empower your business with HoReCa & on-trade data. Expand your customer base, find new outlets, access their profiles and brand insights, monitor rivals & trends and save a lot of time. Trusted by global HoReCa leaders.

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SharpGrid is a data & tech company reinventing the on-trade & HoReCa market research. We harness data about all the on-trade outlets (restaurants, bars, pubs or cafés) on the market to construct an accurate and complete picture of the on-trade channel. Companies like Coca-Cola, Heineken or Makro achieve commercial efficiency and growth with SharpGrid’s data-driven tools.

Get more on-trade leads with Outlet Census Live

Advanced on-trade / HoReCa BI tool for sales & analytics. Access outlet (POS) profiles in real time, create lead lists, discover brand insights including market share and pricing. Based on complete and accurate census of all outlets on the market. A data-driven boost for your sales, analytics & marketing. Use Outlet Census to find opportunities, set strategies and target outlets with total precision.

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Understand HoReCa with Market Meter

Market Meter is the final evolution step in on-trade & HoReCa reporting. Derived from millions of transactions, thousands of online menus and dozens of other digital sources. Measure and monitor any part of the market you want. Define your own custom regions. Find where you're lagging to fill the gaps. See how your competitors are doing. Switch to data-driven decision making today.

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Custom solution

You dream of it, we make it happen

With our unique know-how and your input, the possibilities are limitless. Together we can create a specific project in the on-trade & HoReCa sector tailored to your needs.

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We offer custom services such as:

Archetype analysis

Data Linking & Enrichment

Channel analysis

Data Integration

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Discover new ways to win in the on-trade

Use resources effectively

Find out how to allocate your resources effectively. Get a clear and accurate picture of your and competitors' brand performance along each KPI and over time. Discover accurate performance feedback on your on-trade / HoReCa commercial activities.

Find new customers

Get complete knowledge of every on-trade outlet and the market. Understand trends and potential in full granularity. Identify on-trade/ HoReCa opportunities best suited to your strengths in specific geographies, segments or niches.

Improve your strategies

Assess and select the right opportunities on the level of small performance cells or outlets. Design specific micro strategies using insights about individual outlets and performance cells. Set fact-based KPIs.

Target the best outlets

Make the acquisition process easy to plan and manage. Take advantage of easy and objective profiling and identifying on-trade / HoReCa outlets for upselling, acquisition or campaigns. Use insights to help your sales team better prepare for negotiations.

Save time & energy

Stop burning your teams' time and energy with manual data collection. Automated data inflow from Outlet Census allows your sales reps to focus on tasks with added value and your company to get up-to-date quality data from the on-trade / HoReCa channel consistent in time.

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Explore our quarterly updated free market report with distribution in the spirits, cold drinks and beer category. Learn valuable insights from market and data research published regularly on our blog.

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