A clear view of the on-trade channel. Finally.

Up-to-date and objective market view. Rich single outlet data and indicators. Designed to be your ultimate compass in the on-trade universe.

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Granular market map of on-trade

Consistent data about on-trade outlets in the market by segment, geography, demography or your sales regions. Market trends and changes over time. So you can point your resources in the right direction.

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Rich outlet detail and indicators

Not all outlets are created equal. Some fit your ideal profile, others should be ignored. Prefer to target based on the type of location, popularity, quality, primary consumption or cuisine they cook? We’ve got you covered.


Brand & price insights

Ever more on-trade outlets publish menus digitally.  We process this data to give you insights on penetration and pricing of brands in on-trade channel.  Unrivalled sample breadth lets you drill down into categories, regions or outlet segments. Data linked to individual outlets to allow specific targeting.

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Integrated into your systems and routines

Data is useful only if people have it at their fingertips. Unique SharpGrid outlet ID to link and merge outlet data easily with your existing customer and market information. Flexible datafile format to fit with your existing systems and make upload and updates easy.

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