About Us

The Why

We harness the power of digital revolution to help our clients navigate the on-trade / HoReCa channel.

Outlets close down, new ones emerge, menus and prices change, the flow of goods is hard to track and deals are being made every day. The on-trade channel has always been hard to measure and monitor. But all that is changing.

Nowadays, almost every pub, restaurant or bar leaves a digital footprint. We are here to make sense of all this information, enrich it with business value and provide our clients with a data-driven headstart over their competitors.

The What

Big data processing with a business mindset and growth focus.

Imagine being able to gather any kind of information about any on-trade outlet on the market and navigate your sales teams to the best ones. Or to measure your commercial performance with total precision. Imagine having access to information like:

Brand weighted distribution in a specific city or within outlets that are open less than 2 years

Precise number and location of premium Italian restaurants in the market

How much of every category (e.g. beer) is consumed in an outlet

Consumer engagement with a specific outlet or which brands are on offer in a given outlet

Why do people actually visit the outlet or what the core consumer occasion is

In other words, imagine being able to see inside each outlet, assess the whole market and gather all the information crucial for business decision-making without lifting a finger. That’s what we do for our clients and that’s what we can do for you.

The How

Transforming hundreds of millions of data points into actionable insights. Each week.

What would you do with 100+ million data points? SharpGrid has invented and perfected a unique system for processing vast amounts of on-trade & HoReCa data, sorting them, clearing them and giving them actual business value that you can base important decisions on.

The Who

A unique cocktail of technical and analytical industry experts and client-oriented individuals.

We used to work for giants like Google, McKinsey, eBay, Accenture, Dunnhumby and others, bringing with us a strong work ethic, a very high bar for output quality and a professional & human approach to client relationships.

By partnering with us, you’re enlisting the service of the best minds and talents from various business sectors.

Our mindset is that of a startup in order to pioneer new approaches and develop new ideas, but we also strive to be a reliable partner for our clients. We aim to be a global on-trade authority, so we embrace the various cultural, national and professional backgrounds of our team members.

Meet our Team
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