Our services

SharpGrid team will tailor the data for your internal systems, help you find top prospective customers or work alongside you to solve challenges you face.

Integrating data into your systems

Data in the spreadsheet or a database is useful but the path to action is long and painful. Data in your existing systems and reports is visible, useful and actionable. Sharpgrid will customize the data set and its regular updates to make this work.

Top acquisition targets identification

There is typically too many opportunities to go after in the market for any sales team. Combining SharpGrid data, your data and the skills of our Data Scientists helps to identify the top opportunities for you.

Custom projects

Our customers have dreams, ideas and hypotheses. Sharpgrid has the data and skills to put these into practice. Ranging from the clean up of your internal data to sophisticated model assess the performance of your existing client portfolio, SharpGrid is here to consult and help.