Outlet census

Pinpoint your on-trade opportunities

Complete and accurate census of all on-trade outlets (POS) described in rich detail based on 100+ million data points each month. Give your sales, marketing and planning activities a data-driven boost.

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A complete picture of the on-trade channel

We scan the market to identify all active on-trade outlets and track changes including closures and openings in each country.

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Inside Outlet Census profile

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Outlet attributes
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Deeper look in terms of cuisine and beverages, seating capacity or opening hours.

Consumer insights
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Feedback from consumer reviews or rankings on social media and other sources.

Business potential
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Business information like revenue potential, growth or seasonality.

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Crucial contact information like phone number or website. 

Basic information
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Core information about the outlet like name, address or age.


Tailored to your needs

Available in various formats to fit your needs and make integration easy. Upload Outlet Census to your CRM or BI system, enrich your existing customer info with our matched records or discover insights via an interactive map (see below). We have you covered!

Summary and Usability

Take data-driven action

Outlet Census opens up new and exciting use cases in strategy development, performance analysis, route-to-market planning and outlet intelligence. Easily target the most attractive outlets for your brands and commercial objectives to maximize your ROI.

Get the most out of Outlet Census

Pinpoint opportunities

Get complete knowledge of every on-trade outlet and the market. Understand performance, trends and potential in full granularity. Identify opportunities best suited to your products and brands in specific geographies, segments or niches.

Set strategy

Filter through segments or regions and use over 40 indicators revealing deep details about every outlet to design specific micro strategies and discover opportunities on the level of performance cells or outlets. Set fact-based KPIs.

Target outlets

Utilize easy and objective profiling and identify outlets for upselling, acquisition or campaigns. Help your sales team better prepare for negotiations. Make the acquisition process effortless to plan and manage.

Consistent Data Quality

Stop burning your teams' time with manual data collection. With automated data inflow from Outlet Census, you can let your sales reps focus on tasks with added value.

Data you can trust, finally

Huge and ever-growing data sample

By harnessing 50+ existing and emerging sources (including transaction data), we process 100+ million data points each month. This allows us to generate granular insights about each outlet and ensure precision by combining different sources.

Always up-to-date

The on-trade channel is evolving fast. We update the Outlet Census completely every quarter to ensure that you always see the market in its current form.

Quality controlled

Thanks to a multitude of sources, we detect and clear errors before they become a problem. Our data collection, processing and analytical platform are all automated, eliminating human error. We also systematically assess Outlet Census data against verified real-life samples.

Outlet Cnesus visualization

Check out an Outlet Census demonstration based on a selected district using our partners’ tool Clever Maps. Outlet Census is available as a spreadsheet, digital map or easy to integrate raw data.

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