Free HoReCa market report for 2023

If you’re a producer or vendor in the HoReCa market, you are naturally interested in how the market looks, where the opportunities are and what changes are happening every quarter. For this you need a market report that can cover the entire market but also allows you to zoom in to different regions, categories and follow all kinds of metrics relevant to your business or profession. 

The problems with a typical HoReCa market report

The problem with most HoReCa (or on-trade, if you prefer) market reports is that they are not based on big and granular data. Some of the biggest players in the HoReCa market reporting field are still using questionnaires and other old-time and inefficient methods of collecting data for their reporting tools. The results are often incomplete and not good enough for important business decisions. 

Another problem is that a lot of the reports out there are not updated often enough to efficiently follow trends on such a dynamic market as HoReCa. Some of the providers also succumb to fallacies like following a given set of HoReCa outlets over and over again without changing their database etc. These reports are inaccurate at best and outright misleading at worst.

Next-gen HoReCa market report for 2023

We have created SharpGrid and our Market Meter reporting tool because we couldn’t bear to watch the state of things anymore. By utilizing the power of the digital revolution, cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, we have created the HoReCa market reporting tool that meets the demands of today's digital age for performance and efficiency in highly competitive businesses such as HoReCa or on-trade.

Market Meter is based on millions of digital data from POS (cash register) systems, user reviews and interactions, social media or website information, map systems, government data and more. All combined together with our Premise Machine system that processes all this ocean of data and adds a business value to them. 

With Market Meter, you can see numeric and weighted distribution, pricing, market share and other indicators of your brands or products but also your competitors’ with total transparency. You can also filter everything on the level of region, outlet category (restaurants, hotels, pubs etc.) or product category (soft drinks, beer etc.) to see where you’re performing well and where your weaknesses are. 

Market Report with regular updates and clients

Market Meter is updated every quarter to ensure the data is always fresh and reflects the market dynamics so you can react to them in real time. We’re also updating it regularly based on our clients’ feedback to keep track of new or discontinued products and brands. 

This is something not many market reports out there can achieve. This is confirmed by the fact that market leaders such as Coca-Cola, Asahi, Heineken, Tesco and many others have been working with us for years. For details check our Success stories section to see how they are utilizing our products. 

Free Market Report for you

If you’d like to see what Market Meter is capable of, try the free version with limited functionality excluding prices or advanced categorisation. The Free Market Report has just 1 page whereas the full Market Meter has over 10 with in-depth insights about the whole market and specific regions and categories. Available for 2 countries at the moment and working on more. Try the Free Market Report and if you’d like the full version, contact one of our sales reps.

Click here for the Free Market Report


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