How to leverage restaurant data for HoReCa business growth

The time is now for businesses to seize the opportunities offered by advanced data collection and processing systems. Today's HoReCa industry is packed with cutthroat competition waiting for a chance to snatch your customers and market share. Harnessing the power of restaurant data is crucial for food and beverage producers and distributors who want to gain an edge and stay on top of the game. Let’s take a peek at some of the potential use cases, tools and techniques available. 

Unlocking the potential of restaurant data for business success

With access to accurate and comprehensive data on restaurants, pubs, cafes, and other HoReCa outlets, food & beverage producers and distributors can: 

  • automate processes leading to increased efficiency
  • save time for sales personnel so they can focus on high-ROI work
  • create more effective lead lists quickly with a few clicks
  • browse HoReCa outlet profiles with detailed data insights
  • prepare for negotiations in advance and craft the best offers
  • access HoReCa channel data anytime and anywhere
  • have the whole market in the palm of their hand

Moreover, leveraging restaurant data puts your business on the fast track to new customer acquisition, empowering you to widen your reach and skyrocket your revenue.

The use of advanced data collection and processing systems can provide indispensable insights for boosting sales, marketing, and brand awareness efforts. Such systems (like the ones provided by SharpGrid) are cross-checking data from dozens of sources and sorting them by unique filters like:

  • business potential
  • price level
  • growth trend
  • local market rank
  • seating capacity
  • cuisine
  • the main reason why people visit the outlet

… and dozens more. This enables producers and distributors to make data-driven decisions and gain an edge over the rest of the peloton. Data is like turbocharging your brand. Those who won’t jump on the train will be left behind. 

In this guide, we will explore the various solutions available in the market, their applications, and how they can help you unlock the full potential of restaurant data. 

Restaurant data: An opportunity or a nightmare? 

When it comes to restaurant data, it is crucial to draw from diverse sources (like industry reports, online reviews, social media analytics, and point-of-sale systems) to gain a well-rounded perspective of the market landscape. Only with that approach, you can identify trends and patterns that may have gone unnoticed in a single data source

However, consolidating restaurant data from various sources presents its own set of challenges. It takes time and effort and it’s not for everyone. You have to develop efficient methods for integrating and managing data to ensure a seamless flow of information. Otherwise, you will end up with a messy pile of data that will be of no use to anyone

This may involve:

  • utilizing data management tools
  • implementing standard data formats
  • cross-referencing multiple sources
  • conducting periodic audits
  • implementing automated validation tools

Sounds like a lot of work? Can you picture yourself sitting in the office at 10 pm trying to figure out how to turn troves of data into something useful? Luckily, there’s a smoother solution. It is called a Premise Machine - the heart of the SharpGrid data processing system. 

Premise Machine: A system that turns data into leads

The Premise Machine, SharpGrid's innovative data collection and processing system, is transforming the way businesses utilize restaurant data by integrating advanced technology and unique filtering capabilities. In short, it turns messy data into leads.

As a state-of-the-art system, it uses advanced algorithms and data processing techniques to aggregate data from a multitude of sources, including restaurants, pubs, cafes, and other HoReCa outlets. The result is a comprehensive and accurate dataset that provides valuable insights into the food and beverage market.

One of the key strengths of the Premise Machine lies in its ability to cross-check and sort data from dozens of sources. By cross-referencing and validating data from different inputs, the system ensures that you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information your sales, marketing or brand department can use. 

This robust approach to data collection mitigates the risk of relying on outdated or inaccurate data, allowing you to make well-informed decisions with confidence. SharpGrid helps HoReCa producers, distributors and vendors navigate the market and boost revenue with 2 products: Outlet Census and Market Meter. 

Outlet Census: The surprising HoReCa dealmaker

An outlet database can’t do much, right? 


Outlet Census is not a mere database. It’s a live database with dozens of innovative filters that can help you target the right outlets for your brand or product and stop wasting time with those that might not work well with your product portfolio. 

You can filter outlets based on basic info, geography, business attributes (business potential, growth, pricing, power against local competition), consumer insights (reviews and ratings) and others. 

Outlet Census has a plethora of use cases from creating lead lists, targeting outlets, gathering insider info about them, accessing their profiles and preparing for negotiations before the sales team even hits the field. It is available as an interactive tool called Outlet Census Live or a standard spreadsheet you can upload to any CRM system you’re using. Using restaurant data or other HoReCa outlet insights was never easier.

A sneak peek inside the Outlet Census Live filtering: 

A quick glance at the outlet profile section: 

Market Meter: See the HoReCa market from a helicopter

Market Meter is a next-gen HoReCa market reporting tool for beverage producers to get a better understanding of their brand and product’s market position, sales and share. It has data on most brands and products on the HoReCa channel that you can filter on the level of a country, region or even city and district. 

Market Meter is the tool for you if you want to:

  • allocate your sales teams effectively
  • know which parts of the market are lagging so you can support them
  • determine if your sales strategies work or not
  • what is your volume & value in the country and regions or cities
  • how are you doing in specific segments like restaurants, clubs, cafés etc.

Access free HoReCa market data - no registration, no credit card info

We live in the age of data. Everything from self-driving cars to AI systems is based on digital insights. Those who still haven’t figured out how to incorporate data into their workflows will inevitably be left behind. If you’re unsure about SharpGrid products, you can read testimonials from Danone, Heineken or Unilever in our case study section. 

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Or take advantage of our Free Market Report with quarterly updated data about numeric distribution for brands and products.

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