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April 16, 2024


5 most popular cocktails in Germany. Can you guess the top one?

Martin Müller

Content Lead

Germans like their liquor, no matter in what forms it comes. A typical German consumes almost 92 liters of beer, over 20 liters of wine and 5 liters of spirits per year, making the country a powerhouse in alcohol consumption. 

According to CIA (yes, that CIA) a typical German drinks over 19 liters of pure alcohol per year and Germany ranks as the 19th biggest alcohol consumer in the whole world.

Having established that, let’s look at one specific subsegment of the market. This time it was cocktails that caught SharpGrid analytical team’s attention. 

Our BI tool Outlet Census Live (contact us for a free demo) contains data on the whole HoReCa market in Germany, mixed drinks included. Armed with the most precise insights on the market derived from millions of data points, we present you the results. 

How do we calculate the most popular cocktails in Germany? 

Our system is based on big data, specifically menu presence. We gather insights from drink menus across the whole Germany, process and clean the data and derive the results from that. 

While a standard survey which falls victim to subjectivity and other factors, menu presence mirrors the customers’ preferences much more precisely and will give us a quite accurate estimate of what are the most popular cocktails in Germany.

The percentage included with each cocktail reflects the % of beverage menus in the whole Germany where you could find that specific cocktail.

Data for all cocktails and other products (beer, spirits, non-alcoholic drinks) are available in Outlet Census Live if you prefer to dive into the data yourself. Simply access the 3-day free demo and see for yourself. 

Results for the most popular cocktails in Germany

1. Wine Spritzer (49.3%):

The wine spritzer, or "Weinschorle" as the Germans affectionately call it, has secured its place as a popular choice across the country. Picture this: you're at a traditional German beer garden, the sun is shining, and the atmosphere is convivial. The wine spritzer steps in as the perfect companion, offering a light blend of white wine and sparkling water. It's not just a drink; it's a social ritual, a symbol of laid-back afternoons spent with friends, and a way to enjoy the finer things in life without taking things too seriously.

2. Gin and Tonic (43.8%):

The rise of the Gin and Tonic in Germany can be attributed to its cosmopolitan allure and the ever-growing fascination with craft cocktails. The Gin and Tonic's botanical complexity, accompanied by the satisfying hiss of tonic bubbles, has become a symbol of modern sophistication. Whether it's sipped in a chic urban bar or enjoyed at home with friends, the Gin and Tonic reflects a taste for the refined.

3. Cuba Libre (30.9%):

Ah, the Cuba Libre - the drink that transports Germans to a tropical haven with just one sip. Its popularity may lie in the escapism it offers, allowing drinkers to mentally swap the gray skies of Germany for the vibrant streets of Havana. It's the ideal companion for those looking to inject a bit of Caribbean flair into their everyday lives, even if only for the duration of an evening.

4. Hugo Spritz (26.8%):

The Hugo Spritz has become synonymous with carefree summer afternoons and leisurely gatherings. Its rise in popularity can be attributed to its refreshing blend of elderflower, mint, prosecco, and soda. Germans, known for their appreciation of floral and herbal flavors, have taken a liking to the Hugo Spritz as a sophisticated yet easygoing drink option. 

5. Tea & Rum (24.9%):

Tea & Rum might seem like an odd pairing at first glance, but in Germany (also in neighboring Czechia for example), it has carved out a niche for itself as a unique and comforting choice. With a culture deeply rooted in tea consumption, Germans have embraced the fusion of their beloved hot beverage with the warming embrace of rum. 

Most popular cocktails in Germany and the spirit market

Have you noticed that 2 out of 5 most popular cocktails in Germany are rum-based? In our previous article about cocktails in Europe, we got similar results in both Czechia and Spain. If you’re interested, see the article for yourself. 

The most popular mixed drinks in Italy, Spain, Poland, Czechia and Slovakia

To add some more context, let’s take a quick snapshot of the current spirits market in Germany with a focus on the market leaders there. 


1. place: Bacardi 52.9%

2. place: Havana Club 35.2%


1. place: Absolut 51.2%

2. place: Grey Goose 22.3%


1. place: Jack Daniels 66.4%

2. place: Jim Beam 37.8%


1. place: Bombay 53.7%

2. place: Tanqueray 40.2%

You can clearly see that in terms of popularity, both whiskey and gin leaders beat the rum of Bacardi with vodka’s leader trailing just by 1.7%. But in terms of market concentration, it is clear that the leading brands are dominating the market in every category with the runner-up losing to the leader by at least 20% in 3 out of 4 categories.

For more insights like these for all European countries, try out the Outlet Census Live yourself. We’ll gladly give you access to a free demo. Just leave us a message or give us a call.



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