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January 10, 2024


HoReCa trends Europe Q3-Q4 2023: France adds 2 269 new outlets but Portugal grows faster, Greggs rules in England, German beers pivot

SharpGrid Research Team

The HoReCa channel is constantly in flux but SharpGrid is here to the rescue. With our quarterly data you will always know what is going on and how to react to the trends at hand. Let's take a look at the main changes that happened recently.

This article is just a small taste of data you can access via a free demo of Outlet Census Live.

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As of Q1 2024 the data is available for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

German beer is pivoting towards tequilla

Germany is one of the most important producers of beer worldwide so any changes happening in the German beer sector are bound to resonate globally as well. 

Our data shows that there were 3 big winners recently - the tequila beer Desperados (1,7%), Heineken (1,1%) and Beck’s (1,2%), surpassing other beer brands, namely Edringer who has seen a drop in menu penetration of 1,9%.

This trend is partially reflected in Italy where Heineken also grew by 1,2%, Beck’s by 0,9% and Erdinger fell by 0,8%. Although the growth leader in Italy is Peroni with 2,4% growth. 

On the other hand, Spain went the opposite way with Desperados falling by 1,3% and Heineken by 0,2%. The country’s growth champion is currently Mahou with 4,2% growth of menu penetration.

To see the full numbers of all brands on the market, access the Outlet Census Live via our free demo or your account login if you already have one.

Interested in German beer? Read our 34 brands comparison

By the way, the most successful climber in the spirits category in Germany was Captain Morgan of the British distillery Diageo with a 2,2% rise in menu penetration.

New HoReCa outlets in France but Portugal grows faster

A total of 2269 new outlets opened in France recently with 128 of them being in Paris, 57 in Marseille and 25 in Lyon. 

Being quite new they often lack the customer data which are yet to be created with reviews and ratings, but in Outlet Census Live you can already access their business and product potential, contact information and more information useful for your sales or BI teams.

For example, the best 2 restaurants you should focus on in Paris are Gabo on 1 Rue des Trois Couronnes and VeggieLand on 46 Boulevard Voltaire. They both sport a Good potential (4/5) and Top rating by customers so far. 

Below is a quick product potential overview for VeggieLand.

An interesting comparison arises with Portugal - a country 7x smaller in terms of population added 603 new outlets with 190 of them in Lisbon. 

This shows that while the French HoReCa channel grew by 3,3 outlets per 100 000 population with only 5,6% of them being in Paris, Portugal HoReCa grew by 6 outlets per 100 000 population and 31,5% of this growth happened in the country's capital.

We can therefore say that Portugal’s HoReCa grows faster than France’s (proportionately) but is much more concentrated to one region, driving implications for sales strategies of beverage producers and distributors.

You can find all the newly opened outlets by region, city or district including their data profiles in Outlet Census Live.

United Kingdom: Greggs beats McDonald’s

One of the recent additions to Outlet Census Live is the Chains functionality. With it, you can find and compare outlets in chains and access the profiles of both individual outlets and the chains they belong to. 

This might help you find and target many outlets at once instead of just one. The main value lies not in the global chains that everyone knows, but the lesser known local ones. The medium to small sized groups that you might otherwise miss. 

By targeting the whole operating group instead of just one outlet, you can multiply your ROI and bring home many new customers at the same time. In Outlet Census Live you will always see whether an outlet belongs to an international or local chain. 

By accessing the chain's profile you will unlock access to all connected outlets including their data profiles and contact information. 

You can also compare chains with one another like we did this time with average customer rating. Turns out the best rated big chain in the United Kingdom (over 500 outlets) excluding hotels is Greggs with average rating of 4.1. Compared to Mcdonald’s 3.6 or KFC’s 3.2 they’re doing pretty well. 

The best rated chain in the United Kingdom overall is Premier Inn with 4.2 customer rating.

Interested in seeing the complete picture? Try our free demo of Outlet Census Live today.

Get direct access with all the brands, outlets and chains via a free demo


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