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November 28, 2023


How to beat your targets in beverage sales

Martin Müller

Content Lead

If you’re a sales representative (in the HoReCa / on-trade / food and beverage market) looking for a hack to beat the numbers in your sales targets, you’re in for a treat.

Selling drinks to outlets is no easy matter. Especially for those of you in the HoReCa (or whatever you might call it) channel. Because you’re not targeting stores with relatively stable concepts and customer base. 


You’re after those restaurants, bars or cafés that change hands, brands and demands.

  • You have to understand those places and their owners
  • Convince them you’re the right fit
  • Drive out your competitors
  • Offer support, promotion and incentives
  • Get trade marketing involved
  • Or even pressure menu changes

All the while not knowing who you’re gonna deal with or what awaits you before you enter the door or pick up the phone.

You have to know your market inside out, stay on top of market trends and understand your customers. Without that, you will never be as successful in beverage sales as you might be. 

But that’s no easy feat. It takes months or even years of learning, talking and painful trials by error to have at least some sort of knowledge of your HoReCa market. 

But even after that, you’re painfully in the dark most of the time because it’s not humanly possible to track all the changes, emerging trends and the owners’ or bartenders’ whims. 

We have something that might take the burden off your shoulders. And you can try it out for free with no strings attached. 

Access Outlet Census Live via a free demo

Next-gen digital data for beverage sales

Have you ever wondered how awesome it would be if you could access the whole market down to its last details just with a few clicks on an online platform? To see inside your target outlets before you even hit the field? To learn all there is about them in advance?

Well, now you can. We have created such a platform with you and your needs in mind. 

  • Want to know where your ideal customers are? 
  • What is their business potential for you? 
  • What brands do they sell? 
  • And how fast are they growing

In other words, want to create highly specific lead lists of targets with detailed data profiles on each of them that will help you prepare and win the negotiations?

Enter Outlet Census Live. And we don’t mean figuratively. You can now literally enter it without any registration for free to try it out and see whether it’s for you or not.

There’s no catch, no hidden fees or commitments. 

Okay, but how do I boost my beverage sales?

You might know all those data companies providing non-actionable reports based on quarterly questionnaires or other outdated methods.

The thing with Outlet Census Live is - it’s based on millions upon millions of digital data and it gets updated periodically so you will always be up-to-date with your market.

  • Want to see just newly opened outlets?
  • And get there before your competitors?
  • Or are you interested in other specific parts of the market?
  • Want to know if your customers are still growing or have started to struggle a bit?
  • Want to discover new pockets of opportunities for beverage sales?
  • And save a lot of time and hassle by letting us provide you with the data?

Outlet Census Live allows you all this and more. Say goodbye to gathering data in the field and handling your cumbersome CRM system. 

We are doing the work for you so you can focus on what matters most - boosting your beverage sales as much as you can.

Outlet Census Live is just one click away (ask us for a free demo)

Boosting beverage sales by understanding your customers

It’s a tough sell if you don’t know who you’re talking to, right?

That’s something we hear from our customers a lot:

  • Their field trips are inefficient because they are going in blindly.
  • They don’t know what to expect.
  • Or who they’re gonna be talking to.
  • They can’t prepare in advance.
  • They waste a lot of time not knowing some of their targets are closed permanently.
  • And they miss a lot of the newly opened ones.

And that’s exactly what we’re solving in the field of beverage sales. Outlet Census Live is a compass pointing you in the right direction, saving you time and allowing you to prepare for negotiations to close more deals.

With it, you will be able to create highly specific lead lists that will be tailored to your specific needs and will allow you to:

  • Target the most relevant outlets
  • Boost your chances of acquiring new customers 
  • Get more value out of them

Let’s look at some examples so you know what we’re talking about. 

Highly specific beverage sales lead lists

These are just a few examples of lead lists for beverage sales you can create in a minute with Outlet Census Live:

  • Restaurants in the Damvillers city in France that serve hot meals and cocktails, offer inside seating, were created in the past quarter and have high customer rating and engagement.
  • Bars in the greater Berlin area in Germany that are growing rapidly and among other brands serve Coca-Cola and Radeberger beer.
  • Cafés in the Galicia region in Spain that are part of a bigger chain (so you can target more than one outlet), are in the Economy price level, serve wine and coffee, offer delivery and have a strong local market rank.

Our filters are highly customizable and very easy to use whether you’re a fan of apps and new technology or a more traditional person. All it takes is common sense and a mouse or a smartphone. 

Why should you trust SharpGrid with your beverage sales? 

We get it. This might come across as another promotional pitch attempting to persuade you into something you might be unwilling to trust. So, we yield the microphone to our clients. At the moment, we cater to about 50 food and beverage companies across Europe, ranging from major global entities to local establishments. 

And we help with beverage sales to most of them.

Consider names like Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, Unilever, Heineken, Molson Coors, Metro, Asahi, and more.

Or take it directly from the Unilever Food Solutions’ General Manager: 

“The key change that motivated people was seeing that the solution actually works. Before, the sales reps were discouraged by low success rates and slow results. With SharpGrid data in their hands, their success rates started to go up and they became motivated to push more and close more deals."

And if you want to read even more, give our Success Stories section a go.

The best way to find out? Trying it for free

Recently we have decided to give away a 3-day trial completely for free with no strings attached. So if you’re still wondering whether this is for you or not, just access the platform directly and see for yourself. 


And if you think it might be helpful with beating your beverage sales targets, give us a call or suggest it to someone in your company who might be interested. 

Outlet Census Live was created by reps for reps. Our head of sales is a bar owner. What more do you want? 

Contact us


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