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September 5, 2023


Outlet Census Features: Brand Insights & Penetration

Martin Müller

Content Lead

The on-trade channel is unpredictable and hard to measure consistently. Or rather, it was. With Brand Insights feature of Outlet Census Live, you can access brand penetration, pricing levels and other useful information about all brands and products on your market.

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Brand Insights feature allows you to

  • See your brand’s or product’s brand penetration of the market
  • Follow trends and changes via the brand penetration changes over time
  • See how your competition is doing and react to sudden shifts 

Practical example of Brand Insights

I want to see the market penetration of Bacardi rum in Spanish region Comunidad de Madrid and in the Spanish on-trade bars category.

1. Open the Brand Insights section of Outlet Census
2. On page 3 select spirits and rum.
3. Find the Bacardi rum in the list. As of Q2 2023, the Bacardi rum has 36,51% penetration in Comunidad de Madrid
4. On page 4, select spirits and rum.
5. Find the Bacardi rum in the list. As of Q2 2023, the Bacardi rum has 51.53% penetration in the bars segment of the Spanish on-trade channel.

You can also assess pricing levels on the level of distributor, brand and product for beer, spirits and cold drinks. This way, you can follow trends over long periods of time and see how your strategic changes affect market penetration.

Brand Insights as a way reflecting, reacting to and predicting market trends

Thanks to Brand Insights, you can follow your brand and track your competitors’ activities. It is a perfect tool to see the impact of your activities, react to market changes like decreasing or increasing penetration in certain regions or segments, and even predicting where the market is headed based on clearly seen trends, like a several quarter long decline in certain brands or products. 

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