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September 5, 2023


Outlet Census Features: Chains and Connected Outlets

Martin Müller

Content Lead

Have you ever wondered whether an outlet or a chain of outlets is worth your time? With Outlet Census Live you can now filter those that are part of a bigger group of outlets, be it a proper chain or just a business-connected (via ownership) cluster. And access the chain’s profile with all the useful info you might need. 

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The Chains feature allows you to

  • Filter outlets that are part of chains or other connected groups
  • See the total chain / group potential for you and your brand
  • Access chain profiles with outlet count, map and contacts, consumer insights etc.

Practical example of the Chains feature

I want to determine whether targeting an outlet from the mamacoffee chain is a wisely spent time and energy. I want to know the total potential of the mamacoffee chain for me.

1. Find a mamacoffee outlet with the filter function
2. See all the connected outlets and assess their profiles
3. Open the profile of mamacoffee chain
4. Determine the overall potential based on the number of connected chains, their price level, growth, consumer feedback etc.

Chains feature as a efficient resource allocation

By accessing both high-level and outlet-level info, you can make informed decisions whether mamacoffee chain is big enough for you to make sense spending your resources on it. Want to know more or test it out yourself? Let us know.

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