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September 5, 2023


Outlet Census Features: Customer Penetration as a way to manage on-trade sales

Martin Müller

Content Lead

Do you know how big is the portion of the market that makes up your customer base? Or how many % of outlets are your leads? And how many of them are not relevant for your sales team? With the Customer Penetration feature, you will have total control over the customer universe.

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With this feature, you can either tag the outlets yourself or let us do it for you. The result is a clear market overview in a user-friendly chart.

Customer Penetration works on the level of market, segment and region.

Customer Penetration allows you to

  • Tag outlets (with predefined and custom tags) to create clusters that you can track
  • Let us tag the outlets for you and create a custom market report
  • See how many % of outlets are your customers, leads and other categories
  • See the percentage of clients or leads in various segments and regions

Practical example of Customer Penetration

I want to see how many restaurants in the region of Andalucía are already our customers.

1. Have your team correctly tag restaurants in Andalucía or let SharpGrid do it for you by accessing your database.
2. In Customer Penetration section scroll down to Segment penetration
3. Select the region of Andalucía and see the percentage of restaurants and other outlet types that are your customers

I want to see my overall market penetration.

1. Have your team correctly tag restaurants in Andalucía or let SharpGrid do it for you by accessing your database.
2. Open the Customer Penetration section and see the percentage for various labels.

Customer Penetration and managing the on-trade channel

Thanks to this Customer Penetration feature you can always keep track of your customer base and see how big part of the market remains unconquered. You can also create your own custom labels to further sort the outlets to more granular groups based on your needs or your team's organization.

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