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September 5, 2023


Outlet Census Features: Newly Opened Outlets

Martin Müller

Content Lead

One of the distinctive features of Outlet Census Live is the ability to search for newly opened outlets and at the same time track how many new ones have opened in regions and individual segments.

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Open Outlets allows you to

  • Find newly opened locations before your competitors
  • Track which segments or regions are experiencing momentum
  • Estimate market developments and prepare for changes in trends
  • Correctly allocate your resources to where the opportunities are

Practical example of open outlets filtering

I want to find all the newly opened restaurants in Madrid in the past quarter that focus on meat cuisine (steaks and burgers), offer alcohol and have top user ratings.

1. Open the Outlet Discovery tab
2. Select Advanced Filters
3. Select Madrid as the region
4. Enter Restaurants as the segment

5. In the Outlet Attributes section, I check "Serve alcohol"
6. In the Consumer insights section, I select top rating

7. And as the final step, select "Show outlets created in past quarter"

Then, you will get 40 new outlets (as of Q2 2023). If you narrow the search to, for example, establishments with outdoor seating, the number would be reduced to 6. This is an easy way to prepare a lead sheet focused on newly opened outlets.

Open & Closed outlets as a way to effectively manage the on-trade channel

With Outlet Census Live, you'll always know the exact numbers of new openings and closings so you can properly allocate your people's time to efficiently cover the entire market.

At the same time, you can monitor trends, customer preferences and adjust your strategies and expectations accordingly, including for example sales predictions or potential distribution bottlenecks.

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