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February 2, 2024


Small and mid size HoReCa chains. The untapped jewel of the on-trade channel in Europe.

SharpGrid Research Team

One of the newest capabilities of Outlet Census Live is called Chains: our technology is now constantly scanning all on-trade outlets, looking for indications & similarities to identify and link outlets that operate together, within the same chain

This approach proved to be highly accurate and identifies chains of all sizes as soon as they are formed.

Now every on-trade market we cover (28 and counting) includes chain data. What we learnt analyzing this data both surprised us and got us very excited

Local HoReCa chains as an opportunity

We have used a sample of 6 markets (Netherlands, UK, Spain, Poland, Sweden and Germany) for a quick research and we’re sharing the results with you:

  • International chains are well understood but make up a very small part of the “chained HoReCa”. They typically represent only about 2% of all outlets (U.K. being a clear outlier here).
  • Local chains represent the vast majority of “chained outlets” in the on-trade, specifically 14-18% of all outlets in HoReCa!
  • International and large local chains are typically on the radar of HoReCa vendors and are targeted through dedicated commercial efforts. 
  • Medium & small local chains (3-50 outlets per chain), often “fall through the cracks”. Why? Because they are neither a well known international brand like Starbucks nor a local juggernaut like Gregg's in the U.K or Max in Sweden. That’s why they are treated as just another independent outlet.
  • Interestingly, the medium & small local chains represent as much as 10% of all HoReCa outlets and are expanding >20% faster than the rest of the channel. Definitely a market segment that warrants a dedicated focus! And since these chains contain on average 7-8 outlets per chain, they enable most vendors to target them & grow their presence in a profitable way

Target new parts of the market

Local chains or operating groups were previously almost impossible to target effectively, let alone systematically. That is all about to change - now you can find local chains or smaller operating groups with 3 clicks in Outlet Census Live.

If you would like to know more about chains and specifically medium & small local chains in your market, please get in touch with us here to schedule a demo of Outlet Census Live. 

What can we help you with? 

  • assess what opportunity chains represent for your company,
  • measure and track your position & penetration within chained outlets
  • support your commercial efforts with lead gen and insights

Get in touch with SharpGrid (English, Deutsch, Español, Italiano, Polski, Čeština, Slovenština)


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