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26 Spanish beer brands you shouldn't miss

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Biggest Beer Brands of Spain

Beer is such an old beverage it used to count as a medicine with the oldest traces of beer brewing discovered in 9000 B.C. in Sudan. In Spain, the oldest evidence of beer making was found in a Can Sadurní Cave in Barcelona and the experts estimate that the ceramic container holding traces of the golden liquid is about 5000 years old. So it's no surprise that Spanish beers count among the world's best as confirmed by numerous awards from international competitions.

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Tapas used to be a slice of meat or bread for covering one's glass between sips to protect it from flies and various bugs. After tasting some Spanish beers, we can't blame the bugs for wanting a piece of the action.

Since beer is one of the core product on the HoReCa market, we have set our sights on this golden drink and created a guide to Spanish beer brands. Embark on a journey of discovery through Spain's beer brands, such as San Miguel, Cruzcampo, Estrella Galicia, and Alhambra, as we explore their unique stories, brewing processes, and commitments to quality and sustainability. Cheers to the La Rojigualda!

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Alhambra: Nectar of Sierra Nevada

Looking for the real taste of Spain? Alhambra, a renowned Spanish beer brand with roots in the city of Granada has carved a name for itself as a true representation of Spanish brewing tradition. The brand's rich history, unique approach to brewing, and varied product range make it a must-try for anyone looking to experience the essence of Spanish beer culture.

Established in 1925, Alhambra was founded by Carlos Bouvard, a Swiss self-made man who wanted to capture the spirit of Andalusian culture for everyone to enjoy. Named after the magnificent Alhambra Palace in the vibrant and musical city of Granada, the brand has grown from a small local brewery of about 20 people to a brand well-known outside of its original country borders. After a takeover by S. A. Damm in 1954 the company experienced a rapid growth and by 1979 the headcount rose to almost 400 employees.

One of the defining features of Alhambra beer is its respect to traditional brewing methods. Their brewers utilize a slow fermentation process, which allows the flavors to develop fully and creates a smoother, more refined taste. This technique, combined with the pure water from the Sierra Nevada Mountains, premium-quality barley malt, and carefully selected hops, give this beer brand its unique taste.

Alhambra beers caters to various palates and preferences. Try one of these:

  • Alhambra Reserva 1925: A strong lager with an alcohol content of 6.4%, the Reserva 1925 is characterized by its deep amber color, rich aroma, and full-bodied flavor. It is the flagship product of the brand introduced in 1998 which has won the title of World’s Best Standard Premium Lager at the 2009 World Beer Awards and it owes much of its notoriety to its old-school looking bottle similar to Alhambra's first beer bottles from 1925.
  • Alhambra Especial: A refreshing and balanced lager with a 5.4% alcohol content, the Especial is known for its golden color, crisp taste, and smooth finish. It is perfect for those seeking a light and refreshing beer experience.
  • Alhambra Negra: This dark lager boasts a 5.4% alcohol content, and its roasted malt flavors, caramel notes, and slight bitterness make it a favorite among fans of dark beers.
  • Alhambra Roja: With a 7.2% alcohol content, this red beer is crafted using toasted malts that impart a unique color and flavor profile. The Roja is a delightful balance of sweetness and bitterness, with subtle hints of caramel and dried fruits.

With a diverse product range that caters to various tastes, Alhambra is a gateway to the rich world of Spanish beer culture. Whether you are a seasoned beer enthusiast or a curious newcomer, the Alhambra experience is sure to leave you longing for more.

The magnificent Alhambra fortress on a plateau overlooking the city of Granada is enjoyable both day and night. Same as the Alhambra beer.
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Estrella Damm: Star of the Mediterranean

Estrella Damm is a Spanish beer brand with a legacy dating back to 1876, when August Kuentzmann Damm, a German immigrant, founded his brewery in Barcelona. He was so proud of his brew he named it "star" (Estrella means "star" both in Spanish and Catalan). Known for its exceptional Mediterranean taste, Estrella Damm is brewed using 100% natural ingredients harvested near the brewery in Barcelona and a unique recipe that has been passed down through generations.

The secret behind Estrella Damm's distinctive flavor lies in the selection of its ingredients. The brand uses only the finest barley malt, rice, and hops, which are combined with the pristine water sourced from the local Montseny-Guilleries aquifer. This blend creates a harmonious balance of flavors that embodies the essence of the Mediterranean.

The brewery’s commitment to the environment is demonstrated through its eco-friendly brewing practices. The company invests in renewable energy sources, promotes water conservation, and focuses on reducing waste during production. It has replaced the plastic rings with 100% biodegradable and sustainably sourced cardboard. Their 2020 Soul campaign was all about environmental efforts. And the brewery is using raw materials from farmers near its La Moravia malthouse, which makes it one of the few breweries globally to still produce all its malt barley in its own malthouse.

Estrella Damm is a Spain's beer brand that embodies the spirit of the Mediterranean with its unique taste and environmentally responsible practices. It is famous for its crisp, refreshing taste and its dark brown bottle, protecting the beer from light. If you want a taste of Spain, go Estrella.

What is better than one Estrella? Two Estrellas!

Mahou: Madrid's Timeless Brew

Mahou, a household name in Spain, is a beer brand that can trace its roots back to 1890 when it was founded by the Casimiro Mahou family in Madrid. Its rich history and dedication to traditional brewing techniques have made it a favorite among Spain's eer connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. With a range of products, including its iconic Mahou Cinco Estrellas, Mahou is a brand that embodies the spirit of Madrid and its love for beer.

Mahou's dedication to quality is evident in its brewing process, which is founded on the traditional German "Reinheitsgebot" purity law. This law dictates that only four ingredients can be used in the production of beer: water, barley, hops, and yeast. Mahou's adherence to this time-honored tradition ensures that each sip of its beer delivers an authentic and unforgettable taste. Also, did you know that up until 1957 the brewery had almost exclusively German brewers? After 1957, they were mostly replaced by local brewmasters.

The dedication to their craft has earned Mahou numerous certifications and awards, first one dating to the 19th century. Here are some of them:

  • Gold medal from Brussels in 1897
  • Gold Medal for Excellence in beer from Paris in 1900
  • EMAS environmental certification for Mahou factories honoring the company's sustainability goals in 2007

In conclusion, Mahou is a brand that represents the rich brewing history of Madrid, offering beer lovers a taste of tradition and quality. With a focus on sustainability, this Spanish beer brand is set to continue making a positive impact on the environment while quenching the thirst of beer aficionados worldwide.

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San Miguel: The Crazy Dream

It started as a crazy idea of a few Spaniards dreaming about brewing beer in Southeast Asia, a place with no beer culture whatsoever. Founded in 1890 in the Philippines, San Miguel is a Spanish beer brand that has become synonymous with adventure, exploration, and global flavors. By the middle of the 19th century, it was already the best-known beer of Asia and the founders decided to start production in their home country - Spain.

With its flagship product, San Miguel Especial, the brand has established itself as a favorite among beer enthusiasts who appreciate its unique blend of flavors and its refreshing taste. San Miguel's dedication to quality is apparent in its brewing process, which combines traditional and modern techniques to create a beer that stands out from the crowd. The brand is known for its use of high-quality ingredients such as selected French hops, such as European malt and American hops, which give San Miguel its characteristic taste and aroma.

In addition to its focus on quality, San Miguel is also dedicated to social responsibility and sustainability. The brand continually works towards reducing its carbon footprint, utilizing renewable energy sources, and promoting water conservation. San Miguel's efforts in these areas have earned it various awards and recognitions, highlighting its commitment to making a positive impact on the environment. In 2003, San Miguel even started producing their first organic beer.

In conclusion, San Miguel is a Spanish beer brand that offers beer enthusiasts a journey of flavor and adventure. Its commitment to quality, combined with its dedication to sustainability, ensures that San Miguel will continue to be a popular choice for those seeking a refreshing and memorable beer experience.

Cruzcampo: Unique Yeast, Unique Taste

Cruzcampo, founded in 1904 in Seville, is a Spanish beer brand that proudly celebrates its Andalusian roots, despite the fact that its founder gained his know-how about beermaking in England. Originally named after the shrine of Humilladero de la Cruz del Campo, Cruzcampo is today known for its crisp, refreshing taste and has become a staple in Spanish households. It is often associated with the region's warmth, passion, and festive spirit. The brand's flagship product, Cruzcampo Pilsen, exemplifies this spirit with its smooth, balanced flavor.

The secret to Cruzcampo's exceptional taste lies in its brewing process, which is steeped in tradition and innovation. The brand combines the finest ingredients, such as select malted barley, rice, and hops, with a unique yeast strain exclusive to Cruzcampo (Ficha). This proprietary yeast is responsible for the beer's distinctive flavor profile (fruity and a tiny bit bitter), making it a true representation of Andalusian brewing heritage.

The company is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, making it a forward-thinking brand in the brewing industry. The company prioritizes water conservation, waste reduction, and the use of renewable energy sources in its production processes. These efforts have been recognized with several awards and certifications, showcasing Cruzcampo's dedication to a greener future.

Cruzcampo is a Spanish beer brand that offers a taste of Andalusian heritage and passion. With its commitment to quality, tradition, and sustainability, Cruzcampo is poised to continue delighting beer lovers while making a positive impact on the environment for generations to come.

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Estrella Galicia: The Marriage of Nugget & Perle

Estrella Galicia (owned by Hijos de Rivera Brewery), founded in 1906 in the northwestern region of Galicia by José María Rivera Corral and still family-owned to this day, is a renowned Spanish beer brand that has garnered a loyal following for its crisp, refreshing taste. With a strong presence in both the domestic and international markets, Estrella Galicia offers a range of beers that cater to different tastes and preferences, including its flagship product, Estrella Galicia Pilsen, and its premium offering, Estrella Galicia 1906 Reserva Especial.

The key to Estrella Galicia's distinctive flavor profile lies in its brewing process, which combines age-old techniques with state-of-the-art technology. The brand is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients such as pilsen and roasted malts, Nugget hops from Spain and Perle hops from Germany, along with their own yeast strain. The use of pristine water from the region's natural springs further enhances the quality and taste of Estrella Galicia's beers.

The brewery’s leadership is deeply committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, striving to minimize its impact on the environment through various initiatives. The brand invests in renewable energy sources, promotes responsible water management, and focuses on reducing waste during production.

Estrella Galicia is a shining star in Spain's beer landscape, offering a refreshing taste that captures the essence of the Galician region. Its dedication to quality, tradition, and sustainability ensures that Estrella Galicia will continue to be a popular choice for beer lovers who seek an authentic Spanish beer experience while making a positive impact on the environment. If you’re interested in their produce or other artisanal beers, check out the BigCrafters online marketplace.

The region of Galicia is famous for the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route, attracting hundreds of thousands of people each year. Pictured here is the typical Scallop Shell, pointing pilgrims to their destination.

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Craft Beers of Spain

But wait, we've just started! Delve into the fascinating world of Spanish craft and artisan beers as we uncover the stories behind the breweries, their unique brewing techniques, and the diverse array of flavors and styles that set them apart from mainstream offerings and showcase the creativity, passion, and dedication of their master brewers. Experience a new dimension of Spain's beer culture, where tradition and innovation blend seamlessly to create truly remarkable brews.

La Virgen: The Success Story of Madrid Beer

Named "Spain’s biggest Craft Beer success-story" by the Saveur Bière magazine, La Virgen is a craft brewery established in 2011 in Las Rozas, near Madrid. As one of the founders said, their idea was to start a craft beer revolution of Spain. And boy, did they succeed. With a continuous growth around 100% the brand was getting bigger and bigger, becoming one of the best known craft beers of Spain in just a few years.

The brand prides itself on producing unfiltered and unpasteurized beers that showcase the natural flavors of the ingredients. Their flagship beer, La Virgen Madrid Lager, is a refreshing and balanced lager with a pleasant maltiness and a touch of floral hops. It is sold prominently in aluminium containers as they are more ecological than traditional materials. La Virgen also offers a variety of other styles, such as La Virgen 360, a pale ale with a fruity aroma, La Virgen Jamonera, an amber ale with a smooth, caramel finish, and many more.

Cervezas Alcázar: Spanish Beer With a Hint of Citrus

Cervezas Alcázar is a local brewery based in Jaén, Andalusia, which was founded in 1928 and named after the city's fortress Castillo de Santa Catalina, also known as Alcázar Nuevo. The beer is best known for a full-bodied, intense flavor and an outstanding aroma with the alcohol content reaching up to 6%. The taste is balanced with fruity and citric bitterness of the Citra hops and preserved by a special hops-processing technique in line with its original recipe.

Cervezas Alcázar has managed to preserve its traditional brewing methods while also innovating and expanding its product range to include new styles such as Alcázar IPA, with its pronounced hoppy flavor, and Alcázar 0,0, a non-alcoholic version that maintains the characteristic taste of the brand.

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Naparbier: To Death!

Naparbier is an artisan brewery located in Noáin, Navarra, founded in 2009 under quite specific circumstances. The founders all lost their jobs at the same time and used their unemployment insurance to start their own company. In the beginning, they took their beer-brewing lessons from a German brewer Alex Schmid who also oversaw the setting up of their first factory. The German-DNA of their beer was also the reason for choosing their name ("bier" meaning "beer" in German).

Naparbier brewery was voted the best in Spain in 2016 and 2017 by Ratebeer and their bottle designs were created by renowned artists such as Xavi Forné and Antonio Bravo. Some of their popular offerings include Back in Black, a rich and robust black IPA, and The Hare, a refreshing and fruity wheat beer. With their distinctive, eye-catching labels and a dedication to pushing the boundaries of Spain's craft beer, Naparbier has quickly gained a strong reputation among beer connoisseurs. And should you ever doubt their dedication to beermaking, their website will prove you wrong:

Cervezas La Cibeles: The Waters of Madrid

Based in Madrid, Cervezas La Cibeles was established in 2010 by David Castro, a former journalist turned brewer. The brewery produces a diverse range of beers for all kinds of beer enthusiasts - ales, IPAs and even barley wine. As their website says, Cervezas La Cibeles is 100% Madrid, 100% Authentic, 100% natural, 100% innovation and 100% social. For its beer, it uses predominantly water from the mountains around Madrid.

In the past, this brewery has won several awards like:

  • Cibeles Trigo: bronze medal from Japan (2014).
  • The Cibeles Stout: silver medal from Japan (2014).
  • The Cibeles Uva: gold medal from Japan (2015).

Popular offerings include Viejo Madrid ("Old Madrid") celebrating rich brewing history of the city with a light body and malty flavour, or Stout with chocolate and coffee aroma and 7% strong alcohol content. With a focus on local pride and a commitment to quality ingredients, Cervezas La Cibeles has become a favorite among Madrileños and craft beer lovers alike.

Montseny: Run For Your Yeasts!

Located in Sant Miquel de Balenyà, Catalonia, Montseny is a microbrewery that has been producing a range of artisan beers since 2007. The brand is known for its emphasis on handcrafted unpasteurised beers and traditional production methods. The company specializes in top-fermented beers and even organises an annual 10km beer race starting at the Montseny Brewery Company in Sant Miquel de Balenyà.

Their product lineup includes Montseny Lupulus, a hoppy and citrusy blonde ale, and Montseny Mala Vida, a rich and complex imperial stout. Montseny's dedication to craftsmanship and their environmentally responsible approach have earned them numerous awards and quite a few fans in the Spanish beer community.

Dougall's: Spanish Beer With British Roots (and some cheese)

Dougall's is a craft brewery founded in 2006 in Lierganes, Cantabria, by Englishman Andrew Dougall. The company's storyline on their website starts as a joke: "An Englishman and a Cantabrian enter a bar..." But it were these 2 guys who laughed last in the end. Today, Dougall's has its own automatic bottling system, a laboratory and last but not least, the La Pasiega de Peña Pelada cheese factory uses their leftover yeast to make Cremosuco cheese which actually won a Gold Medal at the World Cheese Awards in 2016.

The brand has a diverse range of beers that blend traditional British brewing techniques with a modern, innovative approach. Some popular offerings include Dougall's 942, a session IPA with a fruity aroma and a mild bitterness, and Dougall's Leyenda, an English-style pale ale with a smooth, malty taste. Dougall's has gained a reputation for producing high-quality beers that appeal to both traditionalists and adventurous Spanish beer enthusiasts.

Cerveza Arriaca: Bringing Down the Status Quo

Founded in 2014 in Yunquera de Henares, Guadalajara, Cerveza Arriaca is a Spanish craft brewery named after a lost settlement of Arriaca near contemporary Guadalajara. The brand prides itself with authenticity of their beers produced without conservants and additional flavouring. The water comes from Sorbe river running down the Sierra Norte de Guadalajara, hops are sourced from the best producers in Britain, USA and Central Europe, malt is harvested from the grains of Guadalajara and Arriaca yeasts are produced under strict laboratory conditions.

Some of their popular offerings include Arriaca IPA, a flavorful and hoppy India Pale Ale, and Arriaca Rubia, a refreshing and balanced blonde ale. The brewery is also known for its Arriaca Imperial Russian Stout, a strong and complex beer with rich chocolate and coffee notes. Arriaca's slogan is "Variety and Creativity" and their missions is to stir the stale waters of beer culture dominated by big players with limited offerings. Why stick to the conventional, when you can explore the whole world of taste?

The Arriaca Selection. Source: arriaca.es

Cervezas Domus: Fancy a Beer Marmalade? 

Located in Toledo, Cervezas Domus is a craft brewery that was founded in 2009 by master brewer Fernando Campoy. The brand focuses on creating distinctive, high-quality beers with an emphasis on unique flavors and brewing techniques. Among its portfolio you can also find specialities like beer marmalade or beer cream liquer.

Fancy a beer snack? Maybe a baguette with a beer spread? Or a shot of beer?

Their product range includes Domus Aurea, a Belgian-style golden ale with a fruity aroma, and Domus Summa, a strong ale with a rich, malty flavor. Domus has received several awards for its innovative approach to brewing and its commitment to using locally sourced ingredients which give this exceptional Spanish beer its unique taste.

Edge Brewing: American Innovation, European Inspiration

Established in 2013 in Barcelona by two American craft beer enthusiasts, Edge Brewing is a craft brewery that combines American brewing styles with a European influence, bringing to the table an authentic American-style craft fresh beer. The founders even said they are adventurers and explorers which is reflected by around two dozen of different beers they have in their portfolio.

The brand has gained recognition for its bold and innovative beers, such as Edge Hoptimista, a vibrant and citrusy American IPA, and Edge Padrino, a smooth and malty porter. With a strong focus on experimentation and quality, Edge Brewing has become a key player in the Spanish beer scene.

Garage Beer Co: Barcelona’s Bold Brew

Garage Beer Co is a Barcelona-based microbrewery and taproom that opened its doors in 2015 in the Eixample district. Founded by James Welsh and Alberto Zambolin, the brewery has quickly gained a reputation for producing a wide range of innovative and flavorful beers. To this date (16. 5. 2023) you can find a total of 19 different brews on their website plus various mix packs for tasting different flavours and even merchandise.

Some popular offerings include Garage Soup, a hazy and tropical New England IPA, and Garage No/Country, a rich and roasty imperial stout. With a passion for collaboration and experimentation, Garage Beer Co has become a favorite among craft beer enthusiasts in Spain and beyond.

This may look like something out of a fairy tale, but it's actually the Park Güell in Barcelona.

Cervezas Laugar: Enter the Basque Animal

Based in Gordexola, in the Basque Country, Cervezas Laugar was founded in 2010 by a group of friends with a shared love of Spanish beer with an artisanal quality. The brand sports expressive graphic-novel style designs on their beer cans and styles itself as a choice for beer rebels bored by the traditional beer landscape.

Undead beer ought to have a proper kick! Source: laugarbrewery.com

The brand is known for its bold flavors and unique beer styles. Take for example the Maltose Double Red Ale - it has a distinct flavor profile, characterized by prominent notes of scorched caramel and a subtle hint of smokiness, a result of a 16-month maturation process in Speyside Scotch Whisky casks. Or Laugar EPA! (Euskadiko Pale Ale), a refreshing and hoppy pale ale, and Laugar Basurde, a complex and fruity saison.

Laugar's edgy style and bold tastes earned it a cult following amongst Spanish craft beer lovers and the brand continues to surprise year after year.

Ceriux: Spanish Beer From Wine Region

Ceriux is a craft brewery based in La Rioja, a region famous for its winemaking. Established in 2013, the brewery has gained recognition for its innovative approach to beer production by combining traditional brewing techniques with grape must, taking the best from the worlds of beer and wine.

Their flagship product, Ceriux Rubia, is a refreshing blonde ale with subtle grape undertones. Other popular offerings include Ceriux Tostada, a toasted amber ale, and Ceriux Negra, a dark ale with roasted malt flavors. Ceriux's unique approach to brewing beer with grapes has made them a standout in the Spanish craft beer scene.

Cervezas Yria: Gypsy Brewing

Founded in 2010 in Toledo, Cervezas Yria is a small-scale craft brewery known for its diverse range of beers and experimental approach. The brand considers itself one of the first microbrewers on the peninsula and appart from their own beers, they also distribute other smaller brands. Since its inception, the Yria brand has introduced over 30 different beers to Spanish thirsty drinkers. They also produce their own mead and jam flavoured with beer.

Yria works in a special mode they call the "Gypsy Brewing" which means they rent other breweries' facitilities to produce their own beer. This trend is quite common around the world but they were the ones that introduced it properly in Spain.

Their product lineup includes Yria Gose, a sour and salty gose-style beer, and Yria Utopian Fist, a bold and hoppy imperial IPA. With a strong focus on quality, creativity, and collaboration, Cervezas Yria has become a favorite among beer enthusiasts seeking innovative and unconventional brews.

Cervezas Sagra: Beer, Coffee & Caramel

Located in Numancia de la Sagra, Toledo, Cervezas Sagra was founded in 2011 with the aim of producing high-quality artisanal beers that reflect Toledo culture and tradition. Their slogan proudly says: Inspired by Toledo, awarded worldwide. And their production combines traditional approach with technological innovations.

Their flagship beer, Sagra Bohío, is a very strong beer (around 10% alcohol content) with hints of caramel, coffee, and apple, perfect in pair with desserts. This beer specialty has won a gold medal at the concours de Lyon in France and a bronze medal at Dublin Craft Beer AllTech in Ireland.

Other offerings include Sagra Blanca de Trigo, a refreshing wheat beer with citrus notes, and Sagra IPA, a well-balanced India Pale Ale. With a strong commitment to craftsmanship and local ingredients, Cervezas Sagra has become a prominent player in Spain's craft beer industry.

Historical Toledo, home of the Sagra beer.

Cervezas Mica: Spanish Beer With a Crystal Heart

Established in 2012 in Fuentenebro, Burgos, Cervezas Mica is a craft brewery that focuses on using local ingredients and traditional brewing methods to produce high-quality, 100% natural flavorful beers. The name comes from a mineral called "Mica" typically found at mountains near the brewery's home city Fuentenebro. It is in these lands where the producers cultivate their own barley that lends the Mica beer its unique taste.

Windows made from the mica mineral. Magnificient - just like the beer.

Their product range includes Mica Oro, a crisp and refreshing golden ale, and Mica Cuarzo, a rich and malty amber ale. Cervezas Mica is an ideal beer for the Mediterranean climate of the Castile region.

Río Azul Brewing: Seville’s Secret

Río Azul Brewing is a Seville-based craft brewery owned by a group of friends who wanted to take a bite out of the craft beer revolution. Known for their passion for brewing and experimentation, the brand offers a diverse range of beers that cater to different tastes. The brand has its own taproom in Seville, where it serves selected dishes alongside fresh beers, which change dynamically according to the season. As a result, it can afford to call its taproom a laboratory of sensations.

Some popular offerings include Río Azul Trigo, a refreshing and fruity wheat beer, and Río Azul Porter, a dark and roasty Spanish beer with chocolate and coffee notes. Currently (2023) it also offers a selection of beers paying homage to famous football players like Peter Schmeichel, Jorge Campos or René Higuita.

Cervecera Península: Hop On!

Cervecera Península is a craft brewery located in Alcobendas, Madrid. They focus on creating bold, hop-forward beers that celebrate both traditional and modern brewing techniques.

Some of their popular offerings include Península Hop On!, an intense and slightly bitter American Pale Ale based on the American West Coast tastes, and Península Black Mirage, a smooth and roasty Black IPA. Their commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new flavors has positioned them as a notable brewery in the Spanish beer landscape.

Cervezas Califa: Colorado Cordoba

Located in the historic city of Córdoba, Cervezas Califa was founded in 2013 by a father and son, both passionate about the American West Coast beer tastes. The brand is dedicated to crafting beers that pay homage to the city's rich history and cultural heritage while also drawing inspiration from the founders' years spent in Colorado and their master brewer's experience from California.

Among their offerings, Califa IPA, a hoppy and citrusy India Pale Ale, and Califa Morena, a malt-forward brown ale, have gained significant popularity. With not that many American-style beers available in Spain, this one is a must for all those who want to indulge in tastes brought from the New World.

Cervezas La Pirata: Ale Aboard!

Based in Suria, Catalonia, Cervezas La Pirata was founded in 2012 by Aran and Genís León. The brewery is known for its bold approach to brewing, eccentric designs and eclectic range of beers, often incorporating bold and unconventional flavors.

Some popular offerings include La Pirata Black Block, a rich and intense Imperial Stout, and La Pirata Viakrucis, a tropical and resinous American IPA. La Pirata also produces the so called "wild-ales" or long-aging beer in wooden barrels like Molsosa, a beer aged in Chardonnay barrels with an acidic character. If you're after something new, fearless and fresh, give La Pirata a go.

Black Block matured in Palo Cortado barrels for 2 years. A typical La Pirata style Imperial Stout with an explosive 13% alcohol volume is the true pirate's choice!

Cerveza Tyris: Valencia After Dark

Cerveza Tyris is a Valencian craft brewery founded in 2009 by two friends Gonzalo Abia and Dani Vara after a road trip around Europe. The story is that upon returning home, they found themselves missing the flavors of European brews that were absent in traditional Spanish beer brands. As a result, they decided to begin crafting their own beer based on their experience and skills.

Sporting the title of the first craft beer from Valencia, the brand focuses on producing a wide range of high-quality beers with no preservatives and additives, just pure water, malt, hops and yeast. Their products can be found in hundreds of pubs across Valencia and the brand is favored by those willing to experiment and discover new tastes.

Among their popular offerings are Tyris Original, a clean and crisp Pilsner, and Tyris Au Yeah!, an American Pale Ale with a fruity and hoppy character. With a strong commitment to quality and a diverse product lineup, Cerveza Tyris has established itself as a key player in the Spanish craft beer market and 8 more countries to date. From a project of two friends to an export beer with an annual production of 1.5 million liters, this is a story we'll gladly toast to.

The many tastes of Spain

From iconic household names to innovative craft breweries, these 26 Spanish beer brands each bring their unique stories and passion to the table. As we've explored their histories, brewing techniques, and commitment to sustainability, it's clear that Spain's beer scene is a vibrant, ever-evolving landscape that never ceases to surprise and delight beer enthusiasts. So, whether you're a seasoned beer lover or just beginning your journey into the realm of Spanish brews, there's always something new to discover and savor. Cheers to Spain's thriving beer culture and the remarkable brands that make it so special!


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