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September 30, 2021

Which beverage is most widely distributed in Czechia?

Martin Müller

Content Lead

Numeric distribution is one of the key on-trade indicators that says a lot about your brand and can lead to crucial improvements in your sales process or market strategy.

The on-trade market used to be hard to monitor. Measuring performance has been expensive, and the whole channel suffered from non-transparency. It has been hard to tell in which specific direction to target your sales activities, where do you stand compared to your competitors or who your ideal customer might be.

But all of that is changing now. With data.

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We conduct in-depth monitoring of the Czech on-trade market, including capture and analysis of food and beverage menu data from thousands of outlets. Our aim this time was to find out which beverage brand is most present in Czech restaurants, pubs and bars. 

We also ran a poll on Linkedin to find out how many people can accurately guess the correct answer. Turns out it was less than a third of those who participated, confirming our presumption that market perception can be misleading without the right data.

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Becherovka and the value of business intelligence

The most widely distributed beverage brand in Czech outlets is not Coca-Cola, Tullamore Dew or Jägermeister, but Becherovka, a Czech herbal liqueur. Its numeric distribution is even 22 % higher than Coca-Cola, which was the most common guess.

The question is: How can this insight help your business?

Numerical distribution can tell you what your quality and depth of market presence is and where to push your sales department or partners. It can also hint at how successful you are in certain parts of the market, e.g. in new outlets, city centres / hot zones, premium outlets or how popular your brand is among certain types of end consumers. 

But it’s justthe tip of the iceberg. With SharpGrid data, you can see many more indicators like:

  • Consumer prices of yours and competitive brands (price corridor, median, mode)
  • Category share or how much space from the total menu count of all outlets in a specific area (country, region etc.) does your brand occupy.
  • How does your brand perform in a particular market cell (region, outlet category, new outlets, trending outlets, etc.) and where the growth opportunities lie.
  • Lists of outlets with specific brands available / missing in their offer (e.g. which outlets carry competitor's brand but not mine) 

... and many others that can help you make better use of your commercial resources  or rethink your market or distribution strategy as a whole. Want to see a practical example? Read how we helped Unilever radically change its sales strategy and increase customer acquisition by 300 % despite pandemic-related closures and other restrictions.

Another way to use the data is to better assess and target your brand or product position on the market. You can see how different brands perform against competitors in different outlet types or regions in the graph pictured above. In this demonstration with dummy data, the chosen brand is doing better in quick-serve outlets and the competitor in restaurants.


Outlet archetypes as a unique way to boost sales

But we can go even further. With this data at hand, can define certain outlet archetypes based on roughly 40+ parameters. That means defining those types of outlets where your product or brand might perform the best. 

The benefit? Increased chance of closing deals for your sales teams. More customers. Faster growth. And so on. This approach has proven to be one of the most beneficial ways to work with our data. 

Why is Becherovka so unique?

But back to our original research. We asked ourselves: Why Becherovka? What makes it so powerful to beat the competition across the whole country?

One of our hypotheses is that the taste is simply so unique it has no substitute. If you order a Coke in a restaurant and they don't have it, you'll settle for a Pepsi and maybe even Kofola (Czech local carbonated drink) instead. If you’re in the mood for a whiskey, but they don’t serve your favourite Tullamore Dew, you might go for a Jameson or Ballantine’s without too much fuss. So, naturally, there is a lot of competition amongst different suppliers.

But the taste of Becherovka or Jägermeister (which came in second) is so unique that you won't settle for anything else when you have a craving for it. The outlet can’t offer you any feasible substitute, therefore the heightened need for having Becherovka always available.

Of course, many other factors influence the results and you might come up with your own explanation. But in any case, the data provides us with an exciting insight into the state of the market.

How to learn even more? 

If you want to get access to a vast amount of interesting on-trade data insights and better understand the on-trade market and its growth opportunities, try a free demo of our data system and follow us on Linkedin

Or you can contact us directly, and we'll tailor a solution for your specific business needs.

SharpGrid is a data & tech company reinventing market research in the on-trade channel. The on-trade channel consists of POSs (point of sale) where food & beverage is bought and consumed, and is often also called HoReCa, on-premise, food service, out-of-home, gastro or immediate consumption (IC) channel, hospitality, on-licence.


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