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August 7, 2022


Favorite pub of the legendary football player Antonin Panenka has won the rating match

Martin Müller

Content Lead

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Few can make history so indelibly that their kick earns its own term and Wikipedia page. The legendary Czech footballer and author of "The Panenka Penalty" Antonín Panenka recently praised a pub in his home at the Nespeky village so naturally we wanted to take a look at such a renowned establishment through the lens of our data. 

(this article is a "football-data tidbit" for football fans amongst our readers)

The calm before the score

Antonín Panenka moved to Nespeky from Prague and his new go-to pub became the Old Pub Nespeky. Coincidentally, it is also a favorite pub of the SharpGrid cycling team, where we finished our cycling trips many times. So we looked into our BI tool Outlet Census and pulled out some interesting data about this place.

The Old Pub Nespeky has a Consumer engagement ( = number of interactions with the outlet or point of sale such as reviews, comments on social media, etc.) of 911, which is almost 4 times the national average. From this we can conclude that the place is visited by a lot of people and at the same time evokes emotions in the visitors

The question is what kind of emotions. After all, high engagement can also mean a large number of negative reviews and complaints. What if the Old Pub Nespeky scored its own goal?

Antonín Panenka vs. data

Fortunately, the quality of the place is very easy to judge thanks to another indicator, Consumer rating ( = aggregated average of ratings from all possible digital sources such as Google Maps, Maps.cz, Tripadvisor, etc.). With a score of 4.5 out of 5, the Old Pub Nespeky falls into the top third of the best establishments in the country. A decent score with a minimum of fouls.

But that's not all. Thanks to the local market rank indicator, we can see how a place stacks up against its local competition. Here too, Panenka's favorite pub achieved a Top score, which puts it among the best places in the wider local area

We wanted to go even further and see what actually makes this place popular. Our Core consumer proposition indicator can determine whether a place is famous among visitors for its beer, coffee, active entertainment (e.g. when it's next to a playground), nightlife, etc. According to our data, Panenka's pub is loved for its great beer and food (rather than penal-tea).

And to finish with one real specialty, we also found out how Old Pub Nespeky fares among places in the Czech Republic that have beer as a Core consumer proposition. Even in such a tough competition, it earned a place in the top third of the best beer places.

The verdict of the SharpGrid judges is therefore clear. The Old Pub Nespeky plays the highest on-trade / HoReCa league and as such is worthy of a captain of Panenka's format. We wish him more successful matches - if not on the big football field, at least at the big table.


A short summary you can download and share with other football enthusiasts:

Watch the legendary "Panenka Penalty" from the 1976 championship:


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