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February 23, 2022


On-trade performance cell. What is it and how can you profit from it?

Martin Müller

Content Lead

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We often talk about the high granularity of SharpGrid data products. But what does it mean in practice? Let’s have a look at a feature we call SharpGrid Performance Cell and learn how it could transform the way you think about sales, marketing or route-to-market strategy in the on-trade channel.

Every producer selling his wares in the on-trade wants to understand the channel as best as possible to make the right decisions that will bring the company more value. In the old days, one had to rely on aggregated market reports that offered limited clues as to the true market drivers or pockets of opportunities, conduct one-off surveys which took time and resources or ask their own field reps to collect data, a very inefficient and inconsistent process at best. All these were costly and time consuming options.

Then, digital data brought a much needed change.

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Understanding the on-trade channel

The way we capture and process data allows anyone to see the market on the level of something we call the SharpGrid Performance Cell - a grouping of on-trade outlets or points of sale that share the same characteristics and for which it is possible to measure and track KPIs. But what specific shape could this Performance Cell take? Some of the most popular examples are: 

… and many more. You can also do fun stuff like accurately figuring out which city is the café capital of Czechia or deciding if Prague or Warsaw are cheaper for “a night out”. In the past, you’d have to rely on the outlet name (like “Café XY”), excluding places like bistros or bars that might have better coffee than local cafés. With our data, we can actually tell if an outlet is popular for its coffee (or other things like active entertainment, beer etc.) and include him in the sample alongside cafés to produce more accurate results. 

Thanks to the full granularity of data, it is possible to perform almost any kind of analysis or distill insights from the large data sample tailored exactly to your needs. This would allow you to see opportunities that would otherwise remain hidden and allocate your resources more effectively.

Hot Zones in Poland visualized with Clever Maps.

With the Performance Cell approach, you are, for example, able to determine that your brands and products are underperforming in the premium pub segment and regional city centers. And to design and execute specific commercial actions to address this opportunity. Or the other way around, it might reveal to you that you are allocating too much of your time and effort to an area where you are already dominating, allowing you to make the decision to switch your focus to another segment of the market.

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The importance of on-trade data

We’re living in an age where effective use of time and resources is the key to success - both for smaller and larger sales teams or big and small commercial budgets. With the Performance Cell approach, you can utilize the resources you have at your disposal to the maximum and ramp up the effectiveness of the sales or marketing department. You will be able to overcome your competitors without the need for bolstering the numbers of your team members or resources.

The Performance Cell is not a service per se, rather a new and innovative approach to market research that is made possible by our 2 BI tools: Market Meter and Outlet Census. But if you’d like us to perform a custom-tailored analysis on the level of Performance Cell or see what performance cells Market Meter measures as standard let us know. (Almost) nothing is impossible with the right data and approach!

SharpGrid is a data & tech company reinventing market research in the on-trade channel. The on-trade channel consists of POSs (point of sale) where food & beverage is bought and consumed, and is often also called HoReCa, on-premise, food service, out-of-home, gastro or immediate consumption (IC) channel, hospitality, on-licence.


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